Times Bulletin Graphic Designer Karrie Macke holds her rack card, which placed Top 10 in the Steel City Corp. Rack Card Contest. (DHI Media/Kirsten Barnhart)
Times Bulletin Graphic Designer Karrie Macke holds her rack card, which placed Top 10 in the Steel City Corp. Rack Card Contest. (DHI Media/Kirsten Barnhart)

VAN WERT – For the second year in a row, Times Bulletin Graphic Designer Karrie Macke finished in the Top 10 of a national rack card contest. The contest, through Steel City Corp., ranks rack cards across the nation. Rack cards are the posters found at the bottom of a newspaper stand.

Papers from all over the country participate in the contest. Some of this year’s Top 10 winners include The Las Vegas Review-Journal, The Seattle Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, The Times Bulletin, and more. The grand prize winner of the contest received a $100 gift card. Those who place in the Top 10 are placed on the Steel City Corp. website and receive a framed certificate. The Top 10 can be viewed by going to https://www.scity.com/blog/2020/01/13/2019-national-rack-cardpop-contest-winner-and-top-10

Macke, who began work at The Times Bulletin in March 2017, is happy to be awarded for the second year in a row. Each year, she is approached by Times bulletin Circulation Manager Mike Marchek, who lets her know when submissions are open for the contest.

“I’m just happy I can make the circulation manager proud of me,” said Macke. “It’s all he talks about around November when they start to take entries. It also makes me proud to know that something I created is good enough to receive some kind of award.. twice!”

Macke’s design is clean and simple. It features a woman drinking coffee while reading a newspaper. It contains The Times Bulletin logo and text that reads, “A Great Way To Open Up The Day.” When creating her design, Macke knew judges would look for a clean layout.

“I looked at Metro Creative for some ideas. The website has a great source of different graphics, sayings, and other great things,” she noted. “I knew I needed to create something clean and simple. That’s what is ‘in’ these days. I also, of course, submitted a few rack cards that were dear to me. In total, I submitted five rack cards for the contest.”

Macke resides in Decatur with her husband, Matt, and beloved dog, William. She graduated high school in 2013 and then attended International Business College in Fort Wayne for graphic design. She then decided to continue her education and received her bachelor’s in business management. She graduated from IBC in 2016.

Macke has been interested in the art field her entire life. She was encouraged by others. She recalled a moment when a third-grade teacher let her teach an entire art class on a particular style of drawing that she saw Macke had talent in.

“It was really cool to have her single me out of the entire class and have me teach my own unique style of art. All my life everyone has always told me to go to school for art because I was ‘good at it,’” she said. “I knew I liked the art field, but never knew what I really wanted to go into. The main reason I chose graphic design was the fact that in today’s job market they are needed everywhere.”

Graphic designers play a vital role in nearly everything that can be viewed. Macke noted the importance of all arts.

“I think art is important no matter what format you see it as. Even in the newsroom, we are always using some kind of art knowledge,” Macke explained. “If you go to a sports game and need to take action shots, you use a camera. Even with writing an article – that is a literature art as well. Art is what keeps me going and I feel like that’s the same for many other people in the world.”

“Anyone can create art,” Macke continued. “It doesn’t matter if you think it looks bad; someone else out there may love it and appreciate it even if you can’t. If you feel like you can’t draw, try photography. Can’t take pictures? Try knitting or sewing. The possibilities are endless and it all falls under the “Art Umbrella.” Just do what makes you happy!”