Times Bulletin Multimedia Editor

A Van Wert man was injured in an industrial accident last week at Taylor Made Glass in Payne, Ohio.

Joshua (Joe) Cullen, 27, was working the night shift at the Payne plant on July 11, according to a spokesperson for the family, Terry Coleman.

Sometime around 3 a.m., Cullen became entrapped in a machine that "bends" glass.

"We're not yet sure what exactly the dynamics of the event were," said Coleman. "He was doing what he was told to do by his supervisor and without any warning, the machine closed and trapped him in it."

Due to the injuries received in the accident, Cullen was transported by helicopter to Parkview Memorial Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Cullen remained in the ICU until late Friday night when he was transferred to a private step-down room. Coleman said Cullen is now in "guarded" condition.

"Is he conscious, yes, is he hurt badly, yes," commented Coleman.

Coleman added that he is also acting as the investigator for the family and until they can speak to Cullen, they may not know exactly what happened.

Cullen has been an employee at Taylor Made Glass for about a month. He has a wife, Stephanie, and two children, Zachary and Brandon. Cullen is expected to survive.

Late last week, a representative of the company declined to comment about the accident. According to the company Web site, the Payne plant is a producer of glass used in marine windshield systems, supplies glass to OEMs and builders for myriad industrial, agricultural, transportation and architectural applications, and is a producer of complex curved glass forms.

A previous accident in March drew attention to the company when Amanda Moriah Eanes, 25, of Payne, died from injuries sustained at the plant. Eanes and another employee were reportedly carrying a piece of glass when one end slipped, causing glass to strike Eanes in the neck. Eanes later died after being transported by helicopter to a hospital in Fort Wayne.

Taylor Made Glass is located at 316 N. Laura St. in Payne.