Willshire's Corey Ratliff holds his book, "The Lightning Rod." (DHI Media/Jim Langham)
Willshire's Corey Ratliff holds his book, "The Lightning Rod." (DHI Media/Jim Langham)

WILLSHIRE – Willshire resident Corey Ratliff has always enjoyed allowing his mind to wander. Often it is into a world of magic where everything is secret. Recently, while “wandering” through his magic world, he had a realization that his destiny is to save the world by publishing a book about his magic dreams. The book, titled "The Lightning Rod," is available now.

“It’s like a new adult fantasy coming of age,” said Ratliff.

As Ratliff started to type, he found himself in a world of all types of fantasy, good versus evil, loss, love, revenge and mystery.

“As he started to learn about the world of magic, he started to learn about his own destiny,” said Ratliff of his main character. “I always love to think about the size of love and fantasy. I decided I wanted to write my own book.”

Ratliff published his book about a boy named, Ranir, who became the main character. The book was eventually printed through a self-publishing company owned by Amazon.

“I always liked video games and reading,” said Ratliff. “I’ve had an idea of this story for three years. I wanted this to be a new world project. I always loved the idea of going into other worlds and books. I wanted to write my own.”

Currently, Ratliff is also waiting for the publication of his second book, “The Thunder King,” which is due to come out in a month.

Ratliff said that it took him six months to write his first publication. As he began to write, he found himself weaving together a story that proved to be a struggle with self-doubt, self-awareness and many other building qualities helping Ranir become mature.

“A lot of stories have heroes,” said Ratliff. “I like stories that are more reliable and not black and white.”

Ratliff said that he wrote up the story and sent it to the editor. Next, it went through a process of review to make sure it was fluid and made sense.

“Then it is ripe for the publisher,” said Ratliff.

Ratliff, a graduate of Parkway High School, works at Barns Unlimited in Lima and lives in Willshire.

Ratliff said that his dream was born by writing down his projected plot and then going back to fill it in. He currently has a series of six books projected under the same plot.

“The second book starts up where the first book lets off. Each book will lead to another,” said Ratliff.