To the editor,

In early 1978, I purchased a lot in the west part of Van Wert to build my daughter a new home. I hired state licensed surveyor Don Friemoth to survey the lot and install four survey pins.

Jan. 1, 2019, I was painting all four pins. When painting the southwest pin the woman next door came out and told me I was trespassing and harassing her. I said nothing as I was completely on my daughter’s property.

The next day, Jan. 2, 2019, I called the Van Wert Code Enforcer to come to the site. He and his assistant came to the site close to noon. When the code enforcer saw the pin he said it was illegal because it didn’t have a yellow plastic cap on it.

I told him surveyor Don Friemoth installed the pin. I then said, “Are you telling me that 95 percent of the pins in town are illegal?” and he said, “Yes.” His assistant and I both heard his answer.

Jan. 3, 2019, I had a meeting with Mayor Mazur in his office. The code enforcer walked by the mayor’s office and heard me mention his name. The code enforcer came in and repeated the pin in question was illegal and that 95 percent of the pins in town were illegal.

Since then I talked to an attorney and he talked to the city attorney. I talked to Don Friemoth and he said the pin was legal and that the yellow plastic cap law was passed in 1993.

I talked to the top county surveyor and he has said that all survey pins and survey monuments are legal. He also said he didn’t know where the code enforcer got his information.

A former city politician called another city surveyor and was told the city survey pins are legal. A city council member also told me that the city law director also told the council member the pins are legal.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019, my wife and I ate at the Van Wert Dairy Queen and Mayor Mazur came in and handed me his campaign card with a friendly chat. I said, “What is the latest on survey pins.” He said, “They are all legal.”

I said, “Do you remember the code enforcer said 95 percent of the pins are illegal along with my daughter’s?” The mayor said the code enforcer never said that.

The code enforcer did tell the mayor at the meeting in the mayor’s office Jan. 3 that my daughter’s pin was illegal and that 95 percent of the pins in Van Wert are illegal.

I am willing to take a lie detector test to prove that the code enforcer said 95 percent of the pins were illegal. Will the Mayor take the same test?

We need to drain the swamp even deeper.

Tom Wise

Van Wert