To the editor,

Thank you caring and responsible pet owners in our area and for your help and donations to the Animal Protective League at PO Box 321, Van Wert, Ohio, so we can continue to help pets in our area find a new loving home in their time of need.

Now we have another big issue in Ohio that I haven’t seen in our local news media yet but Ohio is the second largest state to have puppy mills according to the Humane Society of the United States! Do you have any idea the treatment these dogs and their puppies endure? In November of 2018 an issue to stop and regulate this will be on the ballot if enough registered voters sign the circulations petitions.

I volunteered to gather voters’ signatures in Van Wert County (I can also gather signatures in other Ohio counties if I use a different petition) the projected number of valid signatures in Ohio is a staggering 400,000 just to ensure this gets on the ballot! I only need a moment of your time to sign the petition; if you are having a meeting or have an employer with a heart I will come to you and only take a moment to witness your signature that you are a registered voter in Ohio. So take a moment to call me at 419-238-5447 or email me at

If passed, the ballot language is as follows;

Ohio breeders with eight or more breeding females are required to provide:

1. Constant access to clean water and nutritious food at least twice daily,

2. Regular veterinary care, dental care, and prompt veterinary treatment of a serious illness or injury,

3. Socialization with humans and housing with other compatible dogs,

4. Clean, un-stacked enclosures with solid flooring,

5. Unfettered access to outdoor exercise areas and

6. Protection from extreme temperatures and access to indoor space with the temperature is lower than 45 F or higher than 85 F.

Anyone selling 15 or more dogs in the state is also required to ensure those dogs come from breeders - wherever they are located - that meet the improved standards.

Is this too much to ask? I believe we can help if we all work together! Please contact me to sign the petitions at 419-238-5447 or email me at Thank you

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara (Bobbie) Sterrett

Van Wert OH 45891