To the editor,

What next? Last week it was a journalist being hacked to pieces; this week it is 11 people being murdered at a Jewish synagogue. When is it going to end? I think Kevin said it best in “Home Alone,” “have you, (we) had enough or are we thirsty for more?”

Thank god, oops, God, they caught the alleged murderer in the act, I personally don’t think you can say it’s alleged when you are caught in the act.

We need to get our families back together, which is the structure of the nation.

Let us end all this division and get on one page. Remember your favorite athletic team could never win a game if they all were going in different directions, i.e. different doctrines.

Don’t forget to vote. Some say, “Oh well, my vote doesn’t.” If you don’t vote, you won’t count for sure.

God bless you and yours.

Ken Armstrong