To the editor,

The Salvation Army’s Bell Ringing campaign has been going very well this year, but there is one glaring weakness that is approaching. The biggest shopping day of the year, Christmas Eve is a Sunday. The Salvation Army, because of its religious beliefs and principles that we hold tightly to, does not ring bells on Sundays, no matter what. This is a huge deal for us, seeing as last year we only rang the bell for six hours and brought in almost $3,000.

For that reason, we are asking our community to be a little more gracious in this upcoming week. Where you may give a quarter, try giving $1. Where you may give $1, maybe reach for a $5. Our community deserves every penny we can muster up, and I believe God will provide what we need. Thanks so much for all you’ve done already, and for helping us help others in Van Wert County!


Lt. Josh Morales

Corps Officer

Van Wert