To the editor,

Never have I seen so much unnatural weather. It is either too much of, or too little of. Nature seems to be, or is, out of balance.

When everything is in balance, all the parts work as they should. Consider the engine in the car you drive is even controlled by the law of nature, i.e., we breathe in oxygen which is given off by the vegetation, i.e., trees which survive by the carbon dioxide which we exhale.

No matter who we are, male or female, no matter what race, no matter what religion, no matter whether you believe in God, no matter whether you or I believe in the Big Bang theory, the law of nature prevails.

That’s why when Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence he wanted a declaration that applied to all no matter what their belief. The law of nature is undeniable and immutable to all.

So you see anybody. Who is a citizen or anybody who wants to become a citizen is under the same law, the law of nature and of nature’s God.

What if I don’t believe that nature has a God.

No matter even if I believe just in the Big Bang. The law of nature still applies, undeniable and immutable.

Ken Armstrong