It’s happening — my hair is turning white. I’m apparently skipping the gray and going straight to white.

I remember seeing my first white hair, just a little over a year ago.

I was at work and as I was washing my hands, I saw it. The way the light hits a white hair is unlike any other. It glimmers and shines and flashes to say, “I’m right here and that means you’re getting old.”

Of course, I didn’t believe it was white at first. I thought it had to be blond and my hair just all of a sudden decided it wanted to be blond.

I pulled it and sure enough, stark white.

Since then I’ve noticed a couple, but the other day I looked in the mirror and almost all of my bangs were white. Okay, I may be over exaggerating, but there were more than two white hairs in there.

Again, I blame my dad. He said he started getting gray hairs when he was a freshman in high school. By senior year, he had gray spots.

I can’t blame my mom because she absolutely does not, nor ever has had, any gray hair. (insert winky face here)

Well, if I’m getting older then I’m okay with getting gray hair, I suppose, just as long as I have hair because my dad has quickly lost most of his. Just in case, I started taking hair vitamins.

Speaking of getting older, my neighbor and adopted-grandma, Mrs. Webb, had a birthday on Thursday. I don’t think she’s getting older, though, with all she does. She still gets out to rake leaves and do yard work and you’d never guess her age.

I love Mrs. Webb.

She is a former school teacher and I grew up two houses down from her. I was scared of her as a kid. I was scared of most people older than me when I was a kid — I was just really shy.

It wasn’t until my freshman year of high school, though, when I started mowing for Mrs. Webb that our relationship really grew. We started talking when I would go over to mow and then I started helping her do other things around the house.

Then, when I moved home from college in 2013, she became my best friend. I was working second shift at The Delphos Herald and I spent most of my days doing yard work at my house or hers, or I would stop by after a run just to chat.

I tell you what, Mrs. Webb has gotten me into some trouble!

Like the one time she made me go on a walk with her to see someone’s tomato plants and that person caught us in the act of being nosy. I wanted to keep walking and pretend like we weren’t just caught in the act, but Mrs. Webb decided we should own up to it.

There is one story about Mrs. Webb that I promised to tell in this column a while ago and now is the time. This time I was the one that got us into trouble, though.

One day I had went over to her house to mow, when all of sudden it started thundering. I don’t remember knowing that it was going to storm that day, I feel like this storm just popped up out of nowhere.

Of course, I did the logical thing and despite the thunder, kept mowing, just at a little brisker pace.

I noticed the thunder seemed to be getting a little louder to the point that I could hear it over the sound of the mower, but I just had a little more to do, so I kept going.

Then it started raining, but it wasn’t raining that hard so again I kept going.

When it started raining a little harder, I stood underneath a tree thinking that it might lighten up just so I could finish up the last little spot.

Unfortunately, it started raining harder so I gave up and decided to put the mower up in the shed. All the while, the thunder was getting louder.

Of course, Mrs. Webb wouldn’t just let me put away the mower. She always likes to help when she can (which is always appreciated), so here she comes outside in the rain to help me get the mower in the shed.

As we’re working our way inside the shed, lightening struck really, really close to us and the thunder was instant and loud.

That scared us silly. We just dropped everything and were like, “Yep, let’s get inside.”

I wasn’t sure if I should just pick Mrs. Webb up and run us inside or what, but I didn’t have to because she was already half way across the yard sprinting on her own.

I will tell you that no one at her age moves as fast as Mrs. Webb did at that moment.

Whew, the adrenaline rush we had on that one!

We got inside and we both started laughing at our near death experience and then as the shock wore off, Mrs. Webb told me I was never allowed to do that again.

I’m so lucky to have a neighbor like Mrs. Webb, someone that I can call a friend and an adopted-grandma, someone that I know I can visit with and cry, complain and laugh with and someone that I know genuinely loves me just as much as I love her.

I hope as I get older that I can be half as great as Mrs. Webb is.