So I finally got the snow I’ve waited for all winter. And what a snow it was — big fat heavy snowflakes perfect for making snowmen, forts and ammunition for a good old fashioned snowball fight! I sent a picture to my mom to let her know what she was missing.

Then it came time to walk the dog on Thursday morning. What?!? When did the ice and stuff get here? Ringo was having none of it and I wasn’t too happy about it either. I am very nervous when I don’t have sure footing. We made a quick trip down the sidewalk and then Ringo turned back around and headed for home.

When we got back inside, he got his usual nibble of a treat and his medicine and then was informed we would be heading back out later to finish our duties. I got the stink eye and he went in the bedroom to tell on me to his dad. He got little sympathy.

We made our way back out later with both of us booted up and ready to tackle the sidewalks and the mission was complete.

Thursday evening, my husband and I headed out to Landeck for our weekly trivia tournament and headed out Spencerville-Delphos Road and as soon as we crossed the railroad tracks it was nothing by ice. Shiny, dangerous ice. As the headlights shone on the road, it looked like a mirror. NOT GOOD.

Have I mentioned that I hate to drive on the stuff almost as much as I hate to walk on it? I drove 25 miles and hour the entire way to Landeck and I didn’t care. If someone had to be somewhere faster than I was willing to go, they’d have to pass me and risk certain death — or at least a trip into a ditch.

The ride home wasn’t much better but the hubby drove so at least I didn’t have that anxiety. And, yep, on the way home, we passed someone that had slid off the road and was getting assistance from law enforcement. It was a really crappy night to be out for a drive.

When we got home, I gazed out the back window and the snow was sparkling in the lights from the park. Pretty. Sigh. At least I’m in for the night.

I used to love for it to snow; the more the better. I like the way it scrunches underfoot and adds a crispness to the air and it’s never really dark when there’s snow on the ground. It also makes everything quieter. There’s nothing more peaceful than sitting on my porch at night during or right after a good snow.

So now I’m over it and this stuff needs to go away. I’m done. I got my “ah” moment, saw it in all its white, make everything look fresh glory and now it needs to go. I’m not wishing time away, I just don’t need anymore visual signs of winter other than the occasional frosted windshield and the bare trees.

Spring will come and everything will turn green again and Ringo and I will tuck away our boots for the winter. It’s a good thing.