To the editor,

Make America great again. To do that, along with everything else, we have to feel and be secure, not just economically but also physically, in your home, at the mall, in your church, walking down the street. Remember the eight people murdered in New York.

The campaign is over, President Trump was duly elected. The majority has spoken. No, I don’t want to hear it. President Bush was elected through the Electoral College also. Besides I’ve heard it’s harder for a republican to be elected that way.

The majority wants immigration reform. It’s probably not going to be easy. Past administrations have caused this, by whatever means.

If some are deported they could take what they have learned here and make their homeland better. Turn a negative into a positive.

Actually they’re not coming against President Trump, they are coming against the democratic will, i.e. vote of the people. Build that wall.

Ken Armstrong

Van Wert