One of the most fascinating times of the summer when I was young occurred when the old-fashioned street fair came to town. The music of the merry-go-round and what appeared to be the great height of the ferris wheel could catch my attention for lengthy periods of time, so much so that I can still remember my first adventure on each. Unfortunately, my first merry-go-round ride at age 2 didn’t last very long.

It occurred at the Bluffton Street Fair in Bluffton, Indiana. My dad had decided that he was going to ride with me, setting up this great father and son outing which we were both to allegedly remember forever. The ride started circling and the music started playing, but all wasn’t well.

Within two or three rounds, my dad indicated that he wasn’t feeling very well. Within the next round, he was asking the fair worker to stop the “train,” because he had to get off. Motion sickness had taken over and before I knew it, my first merry-go-round ride was coming to an abrupt end!

My first ferris wheel ride, that I recall, was with my cousin Bonnie (Cook) Flueckiger when the carnival was actually held in the Berne Park.

Another favorite ferris wheel ride hangs on in my mind nearly 62 years later. Each year, my Aunt Francis and Uncle Elmer and my parents packed a sack lunch and we drove from the Berne, Indiana area to the famed Van Wert County Fair. My dad and uncle enjoyed the horse racing, especially an older lady they called, “granny,” that always caught the fancy of the track.

For me, it was riding the ferris wheel with my Aunt Francis, who, at age 75, still had a real fancy for the ride. In fact, for much of my childhood, Aunt Francis was my riding partner on the ferris wheel, including a ride along the Ohio River at Coney Island Amusement Park when she was age 78. They were times I would never forget.

In fact, one of my “quirks” is still riding any ferris wheel I can find during the summer, Jay County Fair, Bluffton Street Fair, Swiss Days, and, of course, Van Wert County Fair.

In fact, I took four ferris wheel rides at last year’s fair.

So I am really looking forward to the upcoming traditional fair next week, not for the elephant ears or fair food, but for the ferris wheel, where you will find me in line several times.