To the editor,

The following is a letter I wrote to the National Football League, 345 Park Ave., New York, NY 10154.

National Football League

I am sending this letter to various entertainment.orgs.

I am hopeful that you love our country as much as I do, hopefully.

The sports and entertainment arenas are no place to make political statements. We are there to be entertained, not to have a political rally.

I hereby ask you, all, to stand and honor our flag which represents those men and women who have sacrificed all, fathers and mothers who have given all, brothers and sisters who have endured all.

I speak for all those in the Armed Forces, every branch, yes even, federal, state and local law enforcement.

First responders, Hazmat, Homeland Security honor our flag out of a willing heart. Don’t make your fans which you had. It would be terrible to see the stadiums empty. They just might be!

This will be sent to various organizations at different times.

Respectively yours in a Christian nation,

Ken Armstrong

Van Wert