Being sick when you are a kid is so much fun, but when you’re an adult – not so much.

I remember when I was a kid and got sick I was able to lay on the couch and watch cartoons all day. My mom would wait on me and get me food and popsicles. Now, as an adult, at least in my line of work, I don’t have time to be sick.

No, there’s no staying in bed all day. There’s no one to bring me soup and feel my forehead and ask me how I feel. Nope, instead the world goes on and there’s just no time for me to rest.

With a news room of only three people – myself, John the Sports Editor, and Sherry, whose job duties are too many to list – it’s hard to be sick. News still needs to get out and there just isn’t time to be sick when everyone already has so many duties that they already need to take care of. Thankfully we do have a great news room here who is always so willing to help each other out and because of Sherry, I can spend my Saturday dying in bed.

Still, I always have a sense of guilt when I don’t fulfill the tasks I had planned for the day. When I was a kid I certainly didn’t feel guilty about being too sick to go to school, but as an adult I feel bad when I miss class or if I have to cancel an interview (which was the case on Friday) or can’t make it to something I had planned to cover. This rarely happens, but it seems like about once a year I get really sick.

Although my co-workers told me I looked terrible on Friday and that I needed to go home (one even sprayed me with Lysol!), I still had to be in the office to write this column, finish some stories, and put together the front page.

The world doesn’t stop for anything. I was thinking this after the death of Chewy a few weeks back. Although my family was sad and heart broken, the rest of the world went on like nothing happened. The world keeps moving, and most of us have to pick ourselves up after whatever we’ve been through and try to move with it.

I’m grateful for all of the people who were so understanding of me canceling on them on Friday, and thankfully, by working together, the newspaper still got out with some pretty great stories on today’s front page.

It’s nice to work in a place where everyone is able to help each other out and come together to get things done. After working in a few places in the past where there was no team work, I can tell you how important that quality is.

I hope everyone enjoys Super Bowl weekend. Hopefully by Sunday I’ll feel better and be able to enjoy pizza and wings while waiting for the best part of the show – halftime!