To the editor,

Thumbs down “again” to things people say:

It is what it is (What’s an is?)

Bye, bye (I’m not hard of hearing, one bye is enough)

Having said that (You’re the one talking. So you said that)

Bottom line (Is that a line on the road at the bottom of a hill?)

Have a nice day (It’s night time, fool)

Whatever (Ever what?)

Buy one, get one free, just pay a separate fee (Then, I’m not getting one free)

Take 80 percent off on sale (I bought one at full price so I’ll take it back for a refund then you give me 80 percent back)

Buy one, get one free (Give me the free one, you keep the one I have to buy)

“My” doctor (You own a doctor?)

(Here is one I get from people I never met:)

Here comes trouble (Should I prove them right and carry a club or gun?)

Sign on repair shop: $60 an hour for repair (What if you fix it in a half hour, will you only charge me $30? Ha, ha. Did you not read the sign?)

Soft drinks on sale one week: 99 cents, the next week: $1.99 (Get real greedy)

Robert Keck

Van Wert