To the editor,

Thumbs down to the Van Wert City Zoning board of appeals that met Feb. 8, the Van Wert City Council that met Feb. 26, all the Zoning Board members and all but one of the City Council members who voted yes to permit a gas station and pizza place to be built at the corner of South Washington and West Ervin Road. There are now four gas stations on Washington Street and at least six pizza places in Van Wert.

This corner, which happens to be on two of the three streets that go all the way through Van Wert, has many problems with the turning of semi trucks already. It is also one of the busiest intersections in the city. I’ve lived in Van Wert 86 years and believe I know a little bit about the traffic situations and where they are bad in this town. But our so-called leaders think they are making improvements. What we need is industry.

I think as President Trump said about Washington, D.C. (and it also pertains to Van Wert), “It is time to drain the swamp.”

Tom Wise

Van Wert