Nearly two and half centuries ago, a loose confederation of farmers, merchants and pioneers bested the greatest military power on Earth, and that was a miracle. It was a greater miracle that this happened at a time when the enlightened philosophy of the day could be shaped into a contract for limited government, which became the United States Constitution.

And then the greatest of all American miracles happened – the Constitution survived. From the mess of post-independence through countless wars and domestic crises, and perhaps because of the lessons learned in those, the contract between a free people and its government held. For the most part, anyway.

It is just a contract in the end, though; just words on paper. On its own, it can’t compel action or prevent it. Its only power is the respect people have for it. What happens when the facts behind the miracles of its creation and perpetuation are forgotten? We may be on a tragic course of finding out.

My son, a high school student, brought home a book last year from his college credit course on world history. The 214-page paperback seemed too short for the topic, so out of curiosity I read it. Turns out, it wasn’t history at all. It was an anti-colonialist’s guide to what’s wrong with western civilization packaged for the next generation as world history.

Young people no longer are taught about the mass executions, brutal dictatorships, and economic stagnation in communist and socialist countries. They also never learn of the incredible sacrifices made to create the aberration in the march of time that is the United States of America.

The replacement of fact-based history with agenda-based history breeds this alarming result: A recent poll by the Victims Communism Memorial Foundation found that 58 percent of millennials would prefer to live in a socialist, communist or fascist nation rather than a capitalist one. (They no doubt participated in this poll on a smart phone, a device that could have only evolved in a capitalist system.)

Unfortunately, socialism is an easy sell to young people. In a vacuum, what’s a better idea than a society based on taking from those with the ability to provide and giving it to those who need? Except in the real world those systems have always made lives very temporarily better and then perpetually extremely worse.

Such whitewashing of history should be penalized. Public universities are heavily subsidized by taxpayers, the vast majority of whom would be horrified at what passes for education there. A government that claims to have an interest in promoting diversity and righting the wrongs of generations past should also have an interest in making sure facts are taught in its schools.

This is another area where The Establishment is failing the American people. No one outside of the extreme Left thinks history should be taught the way it is being taught. But it’s easier to turn a blind eye than to confront labels thrown around by the media. Protecting our country includes preserving our past.

A country that loses its historical narrative loses its reason for being a country, and if that is not the aim of academia, it is certainly the effect. American exceptionalism is based in its history. Take that away and we are, as The Left already claims, unexceptional.


Todd Wolfrum is a Republican candidate for Congress in Ohio’s Fifth District.