We’ve all experienced the beginning of a day that appears to be full of challenges. We leave for work to find a flat tire on our car, we can’t find our car keys, we realize we just missed an important appointment; all such incidents seemingly serve as indicators that the day ahead might have been better spent in the shelter of home without attempting to face the outside world.

A visit to an area drive-through restaurant a few days ago fit a similar category better known as, “I just can’t believe it.”

It all started when I was forced to wait for what seemed like an “uncalled for” length of time behind a car placing an order in the drive-through line. Whatever the situation was with the vehicle in front of me, things didn’t speed up at the pay window or the pick-up window.

I placed my order, paid for my food and so far, all was well. I was just minutes, at least I thought, from retrieving my breakfast sandwich, oatmeal cookie and coffee.

But then things began to change. For over 10 minutes I waited while my food was being assembled. After a seemingly endless wait, I was told the problem was baking my oatmeal cookie but it would soon be finished.

I continued to wait while cars lined up behind me. Paranoia set in as I just knew that everyone waiting behind me was saying, “what is it with that guy up there? Just how much can one man order?”

Finally, the individual working in the pick-up window came to me and said, “your cookie will be ready in 30 seconds, would you please pull into the parking space over there and we will bring it to you?”

You’ve got to be kidding me, I thought. I waited 10 minutes at the pick-up window to be told I would need to move along and wait in a specified parking area because my cookie was 30 seconds away.

But the drama wasn’t over. By now I decided I was going to time the moments and see how long 30 seconds would actually stretch into. So I waited five minutes, 10 minutes and finally, 14 minutes later, an employee came to the car with a small box and said, “there sir, there is your fresh hot cookie.”

This was good, I now had my coffee, which I picked up at the window and the cookie which was finally delivered to me, but what about my breakfast sandwich?

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said the employee. “No one told me you had a breakfast sandwich.”

So the waiting cycle began again until the smiling employee returned with my sandwich.

“Sorry for the wait, sir, have a good day,” was the comment and we were all finally on our way.

The cookie was hot and good, the sandwich was good, the coffee was nearly gone and 31 minutes later I was off into the day, wondering what drama was just around the corner.

It didn’t take long to find out; an entire road construction crew had moved into the street right in front of the restaurant, blocking all of the traffic in the establishment’s parking lot.