To the editor,

Claim: The military loves President Trump.

Fact: Only 42 percent of enlisted personnel approve of his performance and an alarmingly low 33 percent of officers. As a Viet Nam-era veteran, I am disgusted by his five draft dodging deferrals including one for “bone spurs.”

Claim: President Trump is not a racist.

Fact: Fifty-four percent of all Americans and 83 percent of black Americans believe he is racist. He has a long history of racism in his personal and business life.

Claim: The president doesn’t lie.

Fact: The president made 16,241 lies or misleading statements in three years. Even more alarming is the fact that so many Americans believe his lies.

Claim: The president is very popular.

Fact: He lost the popular vote by 2.9 million votes. His average approval rating, about 43 percent, is the lowest of any elected president of the modern era.

Claim: President Trump is responsible for our good economy.

Fact: Recently, a highly respected business magazine published an article accompanied by nine charts each for the G.W. Bush, Obama, and Trump economies. The conclusion was that the current economy simply followed the healthy growth curve established by the previous administration.

Claim: President Trump is a financial genius.

Fact: He claims a fortune of $10 billion, his actual worth is about $2.8 billion, much of it gained through illegal or unethical means. He once lost $1.1 billion over a decade. Had he simply invested his over $400 million inheritance in index funds, he would be worth more than from all his business machinations.

Claim: America is respected again.

Fact: International respect for the U.S. and its trustworthiness has plummeted from 60 percent in 2016 to an abysmal 29 percent currently. World leaders consider President Trump to be a boorish, bloviating buffoon. We are the laughingstock of the world.

Claim: President Trump states he is a “stable genius.”

Fact: Most mental health professionals consider President Trump to have a serious personality disorder. Many doctors believe he may be suffering from a deteriorating neurological condition. The World Mental Health Alliance believes his mental state is a … “clear and present danger to the world.”


Philip R. Carey

Russells Point, Ohio