To the editor,

Racism. Now the president is being criticized for using the word “invasion.” What should we call it? Attacked?

You know if these countries that these immigrants are fleeing from would treat them as we treat our citizens we would not be having this invasion of immigrants.

Sure they want a better life, who can blame them?

Have you taken notice, we don’t have an emigration problem.

Instead of using the word “invasion” we should use the word “influx” a coming in or pouring in without stopping.

Whatever, they are coming in faster than we can reasonably vet and distribute them. Sanctuary cities and states, do you suppose you can help alleviate this problem? Do you have an absolute solution. Maybe you can put them up until they can get to them.

We now have a democratic Congress, delegate Trump is now President Trump. The will of the people, democratic will of our republican form of government has been cast.

Whether you’re democrat, republican, independent, socialist, you are to see that the will of the people is met in our democratic republican form of government.

Forget about the spirit of party. Do the constitutional will of the people.

Ken Armstrong