For as long as I can remember, Saturday Night Live has been a staple of my weekends. I haven’t missed an episode in many, many years, and even growing up I made it a point to always be ready to turn NBC on at 11:30 p.m. each Saturday.

Over the years, the reasons I watch and the specific things I love about SNL has changed. When I was younger, I mostly wanted to see the musical guests. Watching a musical guest on SNL was the closest I would get to see a live show for several years. It really never mattered to me who was playing, I just wanted to enjoy hearing a band in the closest to their most raw form as I could.

I remember the first time I saw Beck on SNL. That one really sticks out to me because I didn’t realize the guy who sang “Loser” also had other really great songs. Artists like Arcade Fire, Prince, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, U2, and many more have played on the SNL stage.

This past weekend, a newer, young band named Greta Van Fleet played, and I’m sure I won’t be forgetting them anytime soon. Often I find new bands to listen to during commercials they are background noise on or by randomly catching something new on the radio, but it’s also not uncommon for me to find a new artist I enjoy on SNL, and that’s what happened last Saturday.

If you like classic rock, specifically Led Zeppelin, you’ll love Greta Van Fleet because they sound like Zeppelin 2.0. Three of the four band members are brothers, and the youngest, at 22, is the lead singer who couldn’t sound more like Robert Plant if he tried. I imagine seeing this band live will be closest anyone can get to seeing Led Zeppelin without actually seeing Led Zeppelin. Did I mention they sound like Led Zeppelin?

But seriously, if you want to know rock music is still alive and well, check out Greta Van Fleet.

As I said above, the reasons why I love SNL have evolved over the years. While I still love watching the musical guests, my main reason for watching these days is Weekend Update, hosted by Colin Jost and Michael Che. Weekend Update is dedicated to poking fun of all the major things that happened in the news over the week. Some weekends I wish Weekend Update was the entire hour and a half. I never laugh so hard during the week as I laugh during those 10 minutes on Saturday night.

I also enjoy many of the skits. Recently, a skit I really got a kick out of involved a millennial who had to listen to a baby boomer give various life speeches/advice on a game show, and it was hilarious. It made fun of a culturally relevant topic that I, and many I know, could certainly relate to. The topic, underneath all the poking fun, was serious, but SNL has a way of making me forget how terrible something is. Sometimes it’s better to just laugh about it.

I know these days Saturday Night Live gets a lot of flack for being “too political” (which is crazy because it’s always been that way), but I enjoy it. I enjoyed SNL when they made fun of Clinton; I enjoyed SNL when they made fun of George W. Bush; I enjoyed SNL when they made fun of Obama, and now I enjoy SNL when they make fun of Trump.

Some of the things going on in America are deeply saddening; the least we can do is laugh about it and try to feel a little better about what’s going on. SNL has always been able to take a serious situation and make light out of it, and I appreciate that in a world so serious anymore.