“As American as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie.” That’s how the old saying goes and this week I’ve enjoyed my fair share of all three.

Thanks to Fourth of July celebrations including the Holiday at Home events, I was able to get my fill of hot dogs and apple pie, and thanks to America’s greatest baseball team, The New York Yankees, I was able to get my fill of baseball this week as well.

Last weekend The New York Yankees made history when they played in London, England against the Boston Red Sox. Saturday’s game was long and full of home runs. The game went for nearly five hours and together the teams scored 30 runs. The all-time highest Yankees vs Red Sox score is 39, and while I was hoping I could see the teams top that number, I was also ready for the game to be over; it was a little too long for me. Over Saturday and Sunday, the Bronx Bombers swept Boston. So, for me, it was a great couple of games.

I love watching the Yankees. Since I was really little I remember wearing the blue pinstripes with pride. The first baseball game I ever attended was a Yankees game and in 2014, I was proud to see Derek Jeter on his farewell tour. While I’m covered in tattoos, my sister only has one. Her first tattoo was one we got together – a blue Yankees logo. I wear mine with pride on my right forearm. If you’ve been paying attention to this column, you’ll remember that my youngest dog’s name is Jeter and I already have plans to name the next dog Judge (Aaron Judge, the Yankees newest star). My love for the Yankees runs deep.

While I love supporting the Cleveland Browns in the fall and usually get pretty involved watching the games, baseball will always be my favorite. The atmosphere at a baseball game is unlike any other sport. It’s not aggressive like a football game or extremely fast-paced like a basketball game.

What I love most about baseball, is that you can never count a team out until the bottom of the ninth. If a football team is down by three touchdowns, the game is probably over, but if a baseball team is down by four runs, all it takes is one homer with loaded bases and they are back in the game. I’ve seen games where teams have been down the entire game, but come back at the end to win it. It keeps things exciting.

I also love how unified a crowd is at a baseball game. On Friday, I attended the Fort Wayne TinCaps Star Wars night baseball game and it was a joy to see everyone stand together and sing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.” There is something just a bit more “pure” and “clean” about a baseball game over any other sport.

Baseball is such an American sport, so to not have it included in my Fourth of July celebration wouldn’t seem right. I couldn’t think of a better way to end this week than in Fort Wayne at a Star Wars themed baseball game, watching fireworks into the night. I hope you all had a happy Fourth of July!