This week we celebrated being thankful and if there is one thing I’m most thankful for, it’s comic books.

On Wednesday I drove over to Fort Wayne purely to visit Books, Comics, and Things for the Doomsday Clock DC Comic event. This is a comic I’ve been waiting for my entire life: The Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan meets Justice League’s Superman. I realize by writing this many will not understand what I’m talking about, but honestly, there is nothing I’m more excited about in life at this very moment than this comic book series.

A little over a year ago DC restarted their comic run. The New 52 had ended and the dawn of Rebirth had begun. The first Rebirth comic blew me away. It was the first time in comic book history that I read a story and had tears of joy running from my eyes while yelling, “MY GOD, YES!” I’m not exaggerating either.

If you recall in a previous “Press Play” I explained what comic books meant to me and how much I love The Flash (especially Barry Allen). In Rebirth, Wally West, previously dead, was brought back to life when Barry remembered who he was and pulled him from the speed force. Never had I read two pages that pulled at me more than the two where Barry saved Wally.

But Wally should be dead. Someone’s messed with the time line. All the sudden, characters were missing pieces of their lives. Some that were alive should have been dead and some that were dead should have been alive. We come to find out that Dr. Manhattan, who is basically a god, is up to it, but we don’t know why.

What makes this special for me is that The Watchmen was one of the first graphic novels I read where I realized that comic books were serious stories. They weren’t just for children, actually, children should probably not be reading Watchmen. It’s a brutal novel. If you’re not into reading, there was a great movie made a few years ago that I highly suggest.

I can’t say enough about how excited I am about this; I just wish I could share it with others. It’s really hard to find many people who are into comic books as much as I am. Most people just watch the movies, but it’s an entirely different world when you start reading the books. For instance, Marvel’s Civil War the movie was more like a civil disagreement compared to the comic books which included hundreds of characters.

For me, the books will always be better. The artwork is beautiful, the writing is genius, and the entire thing sucks you in to an entirely different universe. If I would, I spend all day, every day reading comic books. It may be a bit materialistic, but this Thanksgiving I’m thankful that the comic book industry survived their major decline in the 90s; I’m thankful for Geoff Johns, the greatest living comic book writer of my time; and I’m thankful that I’ll get to experience the comeback of The Watchmen.