To the editor,

The end of times is in the Bible — Matthew 24-26-30-31 and Revelation. Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. God said so. God works, not money that don’t work. The devil whispers in your ears you still have time. He is a liar and father of them. Time is running out.

We get panicked when we have blizzards, temperature drop to freezing rain and there’s ice. We also have tornadoes, heavy fogs. We forget God’s in control. We should pray and trust God. By the way, God’s the only one who knows when Jesus is coming again. They can predict all they want. Why do we go to church?

This is a Version Story.

The family is at home. The mother puts the two children to bed and was rocking the baby to sleep. The father was watching night shows. She was looking out the window. The light was so bright and she heard trumpets and angels. The lightning flashing across the sky from east to west. The Son of God appeared in clouds of heaven with power and great glory. This mother and father wasn’t saved. “How about you.”

She opened the window, Jesus had the Book of Life in his hand. They kneel down. She asked Him, “Are we written in that book?” He looked, shook his head (no). She said, “Oh, my God we have no more (chances).”

We will all stand before God in the end. The pastor was telling the congregation how to receive Jesus as their Savior in their heart. Confessing to God, I’m a sinner and believing the Lord Jesus Christ died for your sins on the cross and God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. Your assurance as a believer.

It’s easy to do, but if you have pride goes before the fall. God’s plans are better than ours. Go to a church that preaches the Bible. Where will you spend eternity, heaven or hell? Oh by the way, Christian ain’t perfect just forgiven.

Arlene Lee Bachman

Van Wert