Imagine you have two choices to make.

Each has its pros and cons and you’re not sure what to choose but you’re leaning toward one more than the other. For an outside perspective, you turn to a friend for advice. When the friend starts giving you advice about picking one option you notice yourself giving reasons why that’s not a good option. You start to notice that the only reason you asked for advice is because you wanted your friend to tell you that the other one is the best. You really knew all along which option you wanted to choose but you asked for advice anyways.

I’m willing to bet everyone has experienced this. This week, I myself experienced this. Next semester I am taking more classes. By doing this I will be on track to be done by the Spring of 2020. As an English major I have to take 4 semesters of a foreign language. I’ve had my heart set on Latin since I began but didn’t realize it is only offered every other year, unlike other languages. If I wanted to take Latin I would have to attend IPFW for another year taking only the one Latin class for two semesters.

However, if I took a language I wasn’t interested in I could graduate in 2020. My dilemma? I want to take Latin but think it stinks that I’d have to go another year.

I took to Facebook to ask friends what they think. I found that I would ended up arguing with the people who told me to graduate faster and take any language.

Getting through school fast has never been my priority. Even with graduating in 2020 it will have taken me 5 years to get a 4 year degree. I wanted to go slow because I wanted good grades. That has always been more important than getting done fast.

Ever since I was a child I have been in love with the Greeks and the Romans. I always told myself that I wanted to move to Rome one day. Of course, Latin is a dead language and Romans no longer speak it, but as an English major I have been asked what a word means in Latin more times than I’ve ever been asked about other languages. The language is beautiful.

I think I knew all along that I would rather take Latin than take a language I don’t care for, even if it means going a year longer. Especially since whatever language I take will cost me $4,000. But then why did I ask for advice?

Sometimes, as people, we seek the approval of others and hope that they tell us what we want to hear so that we have verification that we are making a good choice.

Maybe in order to realize that I wanted to choose the one choice I had to hear someone tell me not to do it. When it came to people telling me to take the option I liked I didn’t find myself arguing with it.

Majority did tell me that I should just go an extra year and take the thing I actually care about, even my mom, and if there is one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that mother is always right.