For as long as I can remember, I’ve made it to the Thursday releases of the Star Wars movies, and this Thursday was no exception.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi made its release this week and there is nothing that brings me more pure joy than watching the universe I love come to life on the big screen. Star Wars has always been one of those movies that I needed to be at on opening night. I don’t think it’s possible for me to wait until the weekend to watch it. Actually, I’ve already made plans to see it again today and will be watching it once more on Christmas day, another tradition I’ve been practicing since The Force Awakens came out.

The movie was non stop fun and had plenty of awesome surprises. It made me love the returning characters even more. Kylo Ren and Rey are nice additions to the universe, and I enjoy finding out who they are and how they fit into the story. I have also always enjoyed stories about hope, and Star Wars is the king of that.

As I left the theatre on cloud nine and was trying to wrap my head around what I’ve learned and what I saw, I could hear that others weren’t as happy. When I got home and got on Twitter, I saw the same things I was seeing when The Force Awakens came out: a bunch of whiny fan boys talking about how “it was the worst Star Wars ever.”

Seriously, it’s the one thing that gets old and annoying in the Star Wars fandom. No one can ever seem to just be happy. These same complainers were the ones that hated the prequels because “they were too different” from the original trilogy. Then they hated The Force Awakens because “it was exactly the same as A New Hope.” Now they hate The Last Jedi because “it took too many risks and was nothing like the Star Wars we know.” You can not make these type of people happy.

PSA: If you hated Episodes I, II, III and if you also hated TFA and TLJ then there will never be a Star Wars made that you will like. What I’m coming to find is that these people are upset that the expanded universe died when Disney took over, and while there were many stories I loved in the EU, those were not George Lucas’ vision. Many of those stories were amazing, but nearly all of them were nothing more than fan theories. The Star Wars universe is big and the expanded universe is not cannon; it’s time to get over it.

They are right though, this movie is nothing like the Star Wars we know, which makes it amazing. I’ll admit, there’s only been one movie in my life that I can remember hating after I watching it (Dumb and Dumberer, if you were curious). I don’t go to criticize every detail of a movie. I go to have fun, enjoy myself, and to get lost in another world for a few hours. If you also go to the movies for that reason, then The Last Jedi is for you.