We all know by now that I’m a kid at heart so it shouldn’t surprise anyone when I say that I’m an avid Adventure Time watcher. For those not familiar, Adventure Time is a cartoon on Cartoon Network that follows Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, who are constantly saving the land of Ooo.

The thing with Adventure Time is, sometimes it gets really deep and teaches very important life lessons that even adults can appreciate.

Season 8 just hit Hulu and I’ve been immersed in the episodes. Near the end of the season there is an episode called “Abstract” where Jake is blue and has five eyes (typically he’s yellow and only has two eyes like a normal dog). Everyone keeps telling Jake that he’s changed but he refuses to listen. Over and over he says, “I’m still the same Jake on the inside.”

It isn’t until the end of the 15 minute episode where Jake is tracking down his brother Jermaine who is a landscape artist. Jake is worried about Jermaine because Jermaine has started to paint abstract art and Jake said he’s changed.

Where it starts to get deep is when Jake realizes that change is okay and that even though he is blue, and Jermaine is painting abstract art now, everything is still okay.

Jermaine says, “There’s nothing wrong me me, Jake, I just changed a little.” And goes on to tell Jake that just because he’s painting abstract art now doesn’t mean the new paintings erase the old paintings; they are all his and all have value.

It reminded me of every day life. Things are constantly changing around us. Most of us are okay with small changes, like having to take a detour on our route to work – that kind of change doesn’t scare us. But most people, myself included, don’t typically like major changes – mostly because of the uncertainty.

We’re afraid of what lies ahead when we change a job, get out of a relationship, or even have to accept the fact that the world changes and sometimes businesses, like the newspaper, have to change with it or they will fail.

Change is scary, but most of the time it always works out for the best. Fighting change almost never stops it, but if we can change our attitudes about change, like Jake the Dog did, then we can embrace it and have a more positive mindset, and in turn, a happier life.

The world isn’t the same as it was when most of you reading this were children. It’s far different than it was when I was a child in the 90s. Things are constantly changing, and every day, so are we in some way. As people we have two options: fight change and let it make us unhappy because it will happen either way, or embrace it and see what new and interesting things come from it.