To the editor,

In my opinion, the hissy fit the democratic representatives are having and I point out their representatives for, I believe even the democratic constituents believe in majority rule which is good, for if we do make a mistake, within four years or two we can correct it.

Oh, by the way, Supreme Court judges or even local judges can be impeached. They can enjoy their office on good behavior. Article 3, Section I, and Article 2, Section 4 - U.S. Constitution.

The democratic will of the people is not being met.

When the will of the people has been cast and building that wall is the platform which delegate Trump stood on, we have to forget about spirit of party come together on one accord and make America great again.

We are not a democracy, we have a republican form of government with a democratic voting will of, we the people, majority role of government.

Let’s Get-R-Done, all of us are not part of, the rich and famous.

Ken Armstrong

Van Wert