To the editor,

I write to express my heartfelt gratitude to Van Wert Health employees and the people and businesses of our community for their generous support during the COVID-19 crisis. Over the past several weeks we have received meals for staff, handmade masks, critical personal protective equipment, and cards and letters. We were also blessed by a car brigade of prayer warriors who prayed for our physicians, staff, and patients. I continue to be amazed by this community.

It’s so clear to me that the residents of Van Wert County have always come together in times of need, and we are honored to be part of that; and even more so to be the recipient of such generous outpouring of support.

I also extend a thank you to each of our physicians and staff who have done something extraordinary: they came to work daily to do their part in fighting a global health crisis. They provided care and compassion to patients and the many others who called upon Van Wert Health for help. They did all of this while managing a great deal of professional and personal stress with extreme grace.

Though we do not know how the community will be affected by the coronavirus in the coming months, we do know that the people of Van Wert County will come together and persevere. And please know that the staff at Van Wert Health will be here for you, your family, and your neighbors, should you need us. I’ve never been prouder of the staff at Van Wert Health and the way they have remained steadfast to our mission: to be the Best Community Hospital.

James W. Pope

President and CEO

Van Wert Health