To the editor,

I am writing in reference to the article titled, “Firefighters say they finally ‘turned a corner’” published on Oct. 15, 2017. In the wake of these recent wildfires in California, I believe that public awareness needs to be raised about the risks posed by natural disasters as a result of climate change.

The article refers to the wildfires as the “most destructive cluster of blazes in California history.” Considering the recent severity of wildfires, along with numerous hurricanes in the past couple of months, the question about the cause of these events arises, yet is not being addressed. Many scientists agree that temperatures are rising at an unprecedented rate as a direct result of increased greenhouse gas emissions from humans. According to NASA, warmer temperatures will lead to more evaporation and precipitation in some regions, and much drier conditions in others. As a result, climate change is intensifying natural disasters.

While the firefighters in California have turned a corner for the better, our efforts and attention to climate change have not. I urge the public to consider the bigger picture and take action to help keep our Earth safe. Vote for renewable energy, recycle, and become educated about the environment.

Van Wert is my hometown, and I love its fresh air and beautiful country land. I’m fighting to keep it that way for generations to come and prevent the heartbreaking realities that natural disasters cause.


Rebecca Anderson

Earth Science Undergraduate Student

The Ohio State University