To the editor,

We just celebrated what is arguably the most important day in Christendom, as well the whole of the world and in the whole of history, that is the Feast of the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. If you were in church Easter Sunday, and your church was anything like mine, it was probably filled to overflowing.

I’ve been around for awhile, and I don’t ever remember such turmoil in our country as today, with the possible exception of the days of the Viet Nam War. Speaking to Solomon in 2 Chronicles, God said “…if My people…will humble themselves, and pray…then I will hear from heaven,…and heal their land.”

Whether you’re a flaming liberal, a staunch conservative, or somewhere in between, can you imagine what might happen if every Sunday the churches were as full as they were on Easter, with all the people on their knees or sitting or standing and praying for God to heal our country.

We can only wonder.

Ken Selking

Decatur, Indiana