To the editor,

I’ve noticed a number of Confederate battle flags being displayed in the Van Wert area, often adjacent to the Stars and Stripes. I implore those who are doing so to please reconsider. This practice besmirches our national flag and dishonors the memory of the over 35,000 Ohio soldiers who sacrificed their lives to preserve our Union.

Van Wert County lost many native sons to the Civil War. The remains of these martyrs in blue are interred in several local cemeteries.

The Confederate flag has long been a potent symbol of racism, hate, and human bondage; beloved by Nazis, skinheads, and the KKK.

The Confederate cause entailed no nobility of thought, no purity of purpose, no grand moral imperative. Rather, the secessionist states formed the Confederacy almost exclusively to perpetuate the abhorrent practice of owning other human beings as property. There are those who disingenuously insist that, instead, the Civil War was waged over “states rights.” And what are these “rights” to which they refer?

While the Union Army had its own excesses, the Confederacy was particularly brutal and merciless. I encourage readers to study the history of the Fort Pillow massacre and Andersonville Prison.

Southern folks have many reasons to be proud of their heritage. The Confederacy is not one of them.


Philip Carey

Russells Point