Carlie Hanes of State Champion Antwerp has been named Green Meadows Conference softball player of the year.

Here is the rest of the All-Conference Selections for the GMC.

Wayne Trace teams in bold.


Carlie Hanes, 11 Antwerp; Anna Ankney, 10 Fairview; Kendyl Kime, 12 Fairview;

Rylei Moreno, 10 Edgerton; Hannah Horn, 12 Tinora; Madilyn Brigner, 12 Wayne Trace;

Kourtney Lindeman, 12 Ayersville; Kinsey Dietrich, 12 Fairview; Chloe Bowen, 12 Ayersville;

Aubrey Florence, 12 Ayersville


Tiera Gomez, 11 Antwerp; Logan Smith,12 Fairview; Aubrey Reineke, 12 Tinora;

Libby Wenzlick, 11 Wayne Trace; Laney Balser, 12 Hicksville; Kamryn Boland, 12 Fairview;

Madison Hohenberger, 12 Holgate; Karsyn Brumett, 11 Antwerp; Ally Cape, 11 Edgerton


Astianna Coppes, 9 Antwerp; Kelly Limbaugh, 10 Ayersville; Allison Elliott, 10 Edgerton;

Riley Collins, 12 Fairview ;Samantha Klima, 12 Hicksville; Cameron Hoellrich, 12 Holgate;

Sierra Salinas, 11 Tinora; Emily Dyson, 12 Wayne Trace