Union brothers and sisters,

My name is Aden Baker. Currently, I am running for the office of State Representative in Ohio’s 82nd district. While that might not sound incredibly exciting, it is absolutely imperative that we band together to win this race. My opponent this November, Representative Craig Riedel, has done next to nothing during his first two-year term in the house. Nothing, except for working hard to bring “Right to Work” legislation to the ballot by 2020.

That’s why I’m writing to you today. I’m not just running against Craig Riedel- I’m running against an anti-worker agenda that has been lurking in our state for far too long. In 2011, we worked tirelessly for the repeal of Senate Bill 5 (which is nothing compared to the new legislation my opponent has proposed), and I’m confident that we can do it again.

Cleveland.com gave the proposals a fitting description in a recent article:

“Reps. John Becker and Craig Riedel have proposed a package of six separate constitutional amendments that would limit how unions are funded, ban project labor agreements where the state or cities require union labor for construction projects and eliminate prevailing wage, which sets a floor wage for skilled labor on publicly funded projects.”

These bills aren’t just divisive and irresponsible- they’re downright dangerous. They eliminate “fair share” payments, attack collective bargaining rights, and pose a serious threat to every public and private labor union in our state. If these bills go through, they will damage Ohio’s unions in an unprecedented way.

As a young person, I know that the key to success for our state and for my generation rests greatly in the hands of organized labor. Unions fight for better pay and better conditions and are preparing the next generation of Ohio’s workers through apprenticeship programs and vocational training.

Besides that, union members take great pride in their work. They cooperate and look out for each other in a way that’s unique to union shops. We’re going to bring that same sense of pride and brotherhood to this fight- which is exactly why we’re going to win it.

The bottom line is, for the first time in the history of District 82, a pro-union Democrat is on the ballot. We have an uphill battle ahead of us but it’s a battle worth fighting and one we can’t afford to lose. Let’s work together to topple “Right To Work” once and for all. Donate to my campaign, spread the word, volunteer- anything that you can do to help ensure that this is the last time we see “Right to Work” and Craig Riedel on our ballots.

Thank you for all that you’ve done and all that you continue to do.

In solidarity,

Aden Baker