You’ve probably noticed that many columns run in The Times Bulletin each week. A column is a place where a person or organization can speak about whatever they please. A column is not a news story – it does not need to be diverse and appeal to a bunch of people if the writer doesn’t want it to. A column is the views, ideas, and opinions of the writer and not of the newspaper itself. Often people get the two confused which can lead to people feeling as if one person is speaking for the integrity of an entire news source. This is not the case.

The Times Bulletin has several different columns on the Arts and Entertainment page that focus on what’s happening at the Wassenberg, the NPAC, the Civic Theatre, and with the local camera club. We have one, sometimes two, on the Church page that focus on religion.

We also have an Opinion page where you can voice your opinions. On this particular page, we run columns from our local government officials when they send one. Each week this page holds three regular columns – mine, Jim Langham’s, and Byron McNutt’s.

Byron often writes about politics and what is going on in the world currently. He does not work here and I have never met him. We receive his column through email. Occasionally he will write about funny musings, but most weeks he sticks to politics.

Jim writes about whatever is on his mind and often lessons he has learned from his interactions with people. You will likely never see a political column from Jim because that is not what he is interested in. Jim’s “Homespuns” are about giving people a feeling of comfort and his interactions with old friends and God. Overall, Jim’s column gives you a look into the life of Jim.

As you may have noticed, I often write about pop culture and my dogs. These are my main interests and that is not going to change. My day to day life revolves around those two things so they are the easiest to write about. Occasionally something might get me fired up enough to write about politics but typically I like to keep my political opinions to myself because I don’t enjoy arguing with people. I also don’t enjoy writing about things that make people mad.

My column is the one place each week where I can write about the things that make me happy. It’s the one place each week where you can get to know who I am. It may sit on the opinion page, but it is a column, meaning that I get to write about whatever thoughts I may have. While I hope you all enjoy reading them and finding out more about me, I write it more for myself than anyone.

After a week of attending meetings and writing news, this column is something I get to write for me – about whatever I want. Some people may not like that, but for every one person who tells me to write about something other than “my dogs and comic books,” I have five other people telling me how much they enjoying reading this column every week.

This column isn’t for everyone and it never will be. That is why it sits on a page with various other types of columns. If you want to read about politics, read Byron McNutt. I personally like that Byron, Jim, and I all have different types of columns that don’t focus on the same thing; it gives readers a variety.

If none of the columns on this page or the other pages are what you are looking for, you are encouraged to write your own 300-word letter to the editor. The space is always open.