VAN WERT – Over the weekend, Van Wert County added two more confirmed COVID-19 cases to its count, bringing the total for the county to 22. Cases are cumulative from the beginning of the pandemic. Of the 22 cases, 13 are now recovered and there is one current hospitalization.

Ohio’s COVID-19 dashboard provides data on individuals who have a confirmed or probable case. The Van Wert County General Health District noted that the state’s dashboard shows 23 cases for Van Wert County because it includes probable cases, while the health district is releasing information on confirmed cases only.

The 22 cases fall into the following age ranges: One in the range from 0-19 years, five from 20-29 years, two from 30-39 years, one from 40-49, three from 50-59 years, six from 60-69 years, three from 70 to 79 years, and one in the 80+ age group. This information, along with the date of symptom onset, is available by downloading the summary data on the dashboard

While the health department is monitoring a small outbreak at the Van Wert Cooper Farms plant, neither of the most recent cases were associated with the factory.

As of Monday, the State of Ohio reported that there have been 46,790 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic. The state does not provide information on how many have recovered. Ohio has had 2,564 deaths due to COVID-19. More information can be found on Coronavirus numbers are updated daily at 2 p.m.