The YMCA assists the homeless as part of their mission. (Photo submitted)
The YMCA assists the homeless as part of their mission. (Photo submitted)

VAN WERT COUNTY — The YMCA of Van Wert County recently reached out to the Haven of Hope and opened the YMCA doors as a daytime warming shelter for the homeless. During the recent frigid weather, the homeless were a concern of the YMCA. All too often the homeless slip between the cracks and struggle to find not only jobs, transportation, appropriate identification information, they also have the obstacle of finding a warm place to stay.

“Barriers to getting the help they need and the day-to-day anxiety of finding a place to sleep or stay warm contributes to their feelings of hopelessness, depression, and anger,” said Hugh Kocab CEO of the YMCA.

This outreach is not new for the YMCA; over the past 15 years the YMCA has provided showers, shelter, food, work and recreational opportunities to the homeless that temporarily stay at the Fountain Inn, or directed to the YMCA by the Salvation Army and local churches, and now the Haven of Hope.

“Creating a safe Christian-based environment for the most needy in our community is a mission that the YMCA, its volunteer board of directors, and all of the staff embrace,” added Kocab.

The YMCA is pleased to be part of a larger collaborative effort to soothe the pain and suffering of others. Being part of the greater community effort with the Haven of Hope, local churches, Love Inc. and numerous other volunteers is something everyone should take pride in being part of, according to the YMCA.

“I love the YMCA and all of the support and kindness they have offered. I will miss everyone when I leave to visit my son for the first time in four years,” said Dan C. resident at Haven of Hope.

The mission at the YMCA is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that help healthy spirit, mind and body for all.