Shelby Nower
Shelby Nower

DECATUR – “The Hive,” the recreated “ business into art center” in downtown Decatur has begun opening its facilities to public-displayed art shows.

Shelby Nower, who manages the art display at the local facility, said that the art display, which will be hung on the walls of the art gallery, will be a much more expansive display than was exhibited in February.

Nower noted that the first display was much smaller and occurred during the “Covid season.”

“This is a much larger and longer display,” said Nower, who noted that the upcoming display will run from March 22 to April 22.

She noted that such well-respected Indiana artists as John Kelty, watercolor and landscape artist from Fort Wayne, will be a part of the display. Kelty, she said, is well known for his many artistic contest wins.

Other displays will feature local artist Darlene Vassil, famous for her paintings, murals and canvas paintings, Zach Hackman, who is making his first local display and Jerry Clifton, who is well-known for his filtered wood mosaics.

“We still have things to do in our display room, but we have come a long ways,” said Nower.

Nower noted that the proposed grand opening for, “The Hive,” is during the sculpture tour in June.

“We couldn’t do all that we wanted to do last year. This year we hope to have a big event and celebrate what art is all about in Decatur,” said Nower.

“I love this town and how people pull together for what all we stand for. Everybody gets involved and helps. I will never forget the evening I came in here and the mayor was mopping the floor. I lived in St. Louis for a long time and never saw the mayor mopping the art museum there,” continued Nower.

Nower said that the art facility was given the name, "Hive,” because of the way that bees gather and shelter in Hives. She said that the thought behind it is that town people can gather together and shelter their thoughts and art aspirations, in general, in the “town Hive.”

“We want the Hive to be a place where people can go when they come to Decatur,” continued Nower. “It includes a gallery, maker space and a place where people can share art through classes.”

Nower said that there will be a family emphasis including craft items, home items and children’s toys. Other goals of the facility are local art events, class reunions and bridal showers. The capacity for events is 49 people.

“There are certain things that communities say about their community with their art displays,” said Nower.

She referred to small-town art shows, museums, and library displays throughout the area.

“We are excited about this display being a part of our rapid expanding art tradition,” said Nower.